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ESB Improves New Building Construction. Period.

Welcome to ESB Design+Build; we are pleased to meet you! With more than 30 years in our industry, Eastern Style Builders, Inc. d.b.a. ESB Design+Build is an experienced Arizona general contractor, modular and offsite builder and woman-owned small business.  It is important to distinguish that modular is not what we build; modular is a beneficial component of how we build.  ESB’s brand of modular construction, also known as 3D prefabricated construction, provides important Benefits without limiting architectural or aesthetic creativity.

ESB has worked with many architects and engineers to create facilities that are not only cost effective, they are beautiful. Any interior floor plan or exterior appearance can be accomplished with our unique modular building method, no matter whether your goal is to match existing buildings or to create new designs.We pride ourselves on building the highest quality structures for our customers while providing personal, unbeatable service.

ESB creates completely custom, value engineered designs for each project, always making it uniquely yours.  We build structures of all types, sizes, and styles to best suit your needs. Our buildings offer significant savings over conventional site-constructed buildings. By applying modern offsite construction techniques at our factory while simultaneously preparing the building site, ESB provides high quality, turn-key buildings at a lower cost and in less time than typical site constructed buildings.  Our personnel handle all aspects of your project, including building design, state building permits, engineering, site and building construction, delivery, installation and finishing all the way through completion and occupancy.

Get us involved with your project before you spend time and money on design services.  Turnkey service from ESB saves you the most time and money; however, we are happy to collaborate with your chosen design contractor and have great relationships with various firms throughout Arizona.  Whichever design path you choose, we work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your experience with us.  You will be blown away by the quality of the buildings and service you receive.