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Our Values

ESB’s values and proven delivery on our values are why the heavy majority of our projects comes from referrals and repeat business. In fact, you can ask us for the information to contact any of our past customers and we are confident that you will receive a fantastic review of our company.

Lois Morey, CEO, ESB Design+Build

To give you an idea of the pride we take in each project, you should know that we build for you as if we were building for ourselves – with great service, high quality construction and unparalleled attention to detail.


We aren’t going to lie to you. If you ask for a price, we take great care in calculating an accurate estimate and make it clear that until all necessary information is incorporated, it is only a budget estimate. If you ask for a schedule or completion date, we will be very up front with you about factors that impact those dates and the likelihood that you could get your project by that date. Many of our competitors will tell you that they can deliver a project by a certain date or for a certain price just to get you to sign the contract with them, and as the job progresses you may find little surprises in the form of schedule delays and price-increasing change orders from the contractor. Our integrity drives ESB personnel to complete our due diligence before answering these important questions, which is why for more than a decade we have completed all projects on time (or early), and the only “change orders” made to some of these projects were customer-requested additions to the scope of work, such as additional fencing or a graffiti resistant coating.


At ESB, we do what it takes to ensure you get the highest quality work on your buildings and site, and we take pride in providing you the best customer service experience attainable. We don’t cut corners, and our decision-making regarding suppliers and subcontractors is weighted more toward relationships and quality than price. Furthermore, when you call us, you will always be answered directly by one of our exceptional office staff members. Our number-one goal is to deliver complete customer satisfaction through high quality products and services.