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What will my building cost?

Since each building ESB erects is custom designed, we do not have a catalog from which we can immediately tell you a price estimate. We take great care in pricing projects, because we know it is important to avoid surprises and cost overruns. Please call us, or you can fill out the Contact Form or Project Inquiry Form on our website and we will call you! We will never sell or give away your information to anyone – we solely use it to return your correspondence.

How long will my building project take?

The construction timeline we would devise for you depends on a few things. First, it depends on the size of the building or project. Second, what has been completed so far? Third, when is your target date for occupying your building(s)? Finally, we will have to fit your project into our operations. The first three items can be provided in the Project Inquiry Form that you can submit online, or you can give us a call! Our staff would be happy to help you understand how soon a project can be completed and steps to move forward. For more information about what working with ESB looks like, please see our Process page.

Does ESB perform residential building services?

Yes, ESB builds residential structures; however, we do not take on individual homeowners’ projects. We design and build housing developments and multifamily structures – single story or multi-story. For example, we build apartment complexes, condo complexes, dormitories, shelters, retirement and assisted living communities, among others. Contact Us today for more information if you’d like to build residential structures with a larger scope a single-family home.

Does ESB perform commercial building services?

Yes, ESB does all kinds of commercial and institutional construction. Contact Us and view our Project Showcase to learn more! If you would prefer to send us the details of your potential project through our website, our nifty Project Inquiry Form is perfect for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Will ESB build my house?

We do not build individual homeowners’ residences, but thank you for checking us out!

Can I order through MOHAVE Arizona Cooperative Purchasing?

All MOHAVE members can order buildings with endless options through ESB Design+Build. To find out if you are a MOHAVE member, view the MOHAVE Member List on their website. Many of our projects featured in the Project Showcase were ordered through MOHAVE!

How do I order from ESB through MOHAVE?

Ordering from us through MOHAVE is fairly simple. It works best if you can contact us by calling (520) 682-9024, filling out our Contact Form, or completing our Project Inquiry Form. We will either be ready to answer your call during business hours or call you back promptly if you send us a message. When we first chat, we cover information about what kind of building you need and get an idea of how we can maximize your value for your budget with our expert value engineering skills. Please feel free to view our MOHAVE page and login to view ESB’s Pricing and Contract Documents.