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Modular Building Project Spotlight: JTED @ S.T.A.R. Academic Center


New Modular Building for JTED Construction Program

On March 7th, Pima County JTED will have its ribbon cutting ceremony for its new modular building, which you’d never was factory-built.  Located next to the S.T.A.R. Academic Center in Sunnyside Unified School District, this premier new facility houses JTED’s Construction program.  Construction education is so important to mitigate the current shortage of skilled trade labor.  That we were able to complete the building in record time to get these students a place to work was a major advantage for students, instructor Jim Luckow, and for Dr. Alan storm and his talented team at Pima County JTED.  The cost savings were a huge factor in making this a possibility, too.

New Pima JTED Construction Program at S.T.A.R. Academic Center

This is a minute and a half long video about the program, which already has more than 60 students signed up:

JTED @ STAR Campus modular building appears in one morning

This video shows the installation of the building sections – an innovative and efficient building process to save time and cost.

Key benefits of ESB Design+Build modular building construction:

  • Lower cost
  • Shorter construction timeline
  • More design control and more seamless design process
  • Faster design approval through the State of Arizona
  • Greener building process that reduces waste and increases overall project sustainability
  • Greater structural strength since buildings are engineered to withstand transport
  • Increased building quality due to indoor, assembly-line-like construction
  • Reduced campus disruption for less distraction and greater productivity
  • Support the local economy by building with local contractors
  • Meet diversity goals by building with a woman-owned small business

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