Build Faster, Greener, Safer, Stronger, Better. Design+Build Turnkey with ESB.

Are you a Mohave Member and need to build fast and get a new building in record time?

Our team at ESB Design+Build can help you build fast.  We have been a preferred Mohave Educational Services Cooperative (now called Mohave Arizona Purchasing Cooperative) member for more than 12 years!

Mohave has done due diligence work that you don’t have to repeat in procurement

Mohave has rigorously vetted our products (modular buildings that don’t look modular), services (all the design and construction needed to deliver a turnkey building), and company (financial and organizational soundness).  Mohave’s process to bring on a vendor is an even more in-depth process than typical RFQ, RFP and IFB procurement committees perform.

Click here or the Mohave Arizona Purchasing Cooperative logo below to see ESB’s vendor page on Mohave’s website.  We are more than happy to help you navigate our vendor page, and calling us at 520.682.9024 is the best way to see how we can help with your new building needs.

Site Time Lapse: JTED’s Dr. Alan L. Storm Center at S.T.A.R. Academic Center in Sunnyside Unified School District.

All construction was completed mid-July through early December, including change orders that increased the scope of work.  Build fast with ESB Design+Build!