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Article: New Yuma Clinic


CEO: New health center fills need in north Yuma County

Rachel Twoguns (@RTwoguns) wrote a lovely Yuma Sun article about the medical need being served by a new Yuma clinic building ESB Design+Build completed at the beginning of this year:

A few highlights from the article about the new Yuma clinic building:

“Since our grand opening in April of 2016, Sunset providers have provided primary and preventive medical care services to approximately 2,890 patients,” said SCHC CEO David Rogers. “Unfortunately, area residents suffer economic, social, cultural, linguistic, educational, and transportation barriers in access to care. Overall poor health outcomes are reported due to lack of access to health care.”

“The new Sunset Yuma North Clinic is approximately 10,000 square feet with 16 exam rooms giving the north area of Yuma a better access to primary and preventive health services,” Rogers said.

“Construction on the building first began in the middle of September of 2015, and ended around February of this year.”

“After building construction began, the first hurdle SCHC encountered was realizing the location they had originally chosen for the building was not ideal, and it would be better to move it to the other side of the project site,” said CEO and co-owner of ESB Design+Build, Lois Morey. “Because the majority of the building is built in a factory, ESB was able to accommodate this change more readily than site-built contractors, and we even took it one step further and provided a mirror image of the original plan at no additional charge to SCHC. Sunset Community Health Center personnel were really great people to work with, and everyone at ESB is delighted to have been part of this community health care expansion.”

“In addition to the 16 exam rooms, the Avenue B location of SCHC contains two triage rooms, two provider suites, an entry, waiting and reception area, two labs and additional space for LabCorp, two sets of restrooms, two open-concept nurses’ stations and several other rooms for office, gathering and utility space.”

Click the link above to read the whole article!

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