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The figure above shows you an example of how much time you could save on a typical project. Some projects, depending on a variety of factors, can be completed in as little as 50-60% of the time they would have taken using conventional construction!

The ESB Experience

Take a look at our process to see what makes our solution effective and efficient.


1 Identify all needs for space

2 Determine Your Budget

ESB handles all of the following steps for you, except #8, if selected as your design-build general contractor. It is typically the owner’s responsibility to apply for permits from their local jurisdiction, but ESB is happy to help with this process if you need our assistance!

3 Create an initial floor plan

4 Develop a site plan

ESB will gladly perform this work for you or work with your architect and civil engineer to determine the best option.

5 Obtain a soils report and ESB determines site costs

This step is independent of any other step, but it is a critical piece of information for a contractor to determine what it will cost to prepare the site to properly support a building. It is better to get this done sooner than later so that we can accurately estimate costs and get a realistic budget price to you ASAP.

6 Develop final floor plan, elevations and specifications

ESB will perform the entire building design process (architecture and engineering) for you. All specifications and the scope of work are finalized and added to the contract during this stage.

7 Enter into contract

The contract includes the scope of work and all details and specifications for the project, including the pricing and project schedule. Owner to provide down payment to cover design and engineering.

8 Apply for permit(s) from local jurisdiction based on site plan

Depending on the local jurisdiction, this can be the most time-consuming step of the approval process required to build and move in. It is better to get this done sooner.

9 ESB generates a full set of building plans and submits to owner for review

Full set of plans includes architectural, electrical, mechanical, and structural drawings

10 ESB submits final, owner-approved plans to State authority for approval

Approval can take 3-8 weeks

11 ESB applies for installation permit from the State authority


12 Begin both site construction and building construction, simultaneously

The only step that may take place before the State approves building plans and grants installation permits is preliminary site work, such as excavation, before any utility changes are made. Excavation does require permit(s) from the local office.

13 Deliver and set sub-assemblies, install finishes, and complete building on site

Depending on the size of the building, sub-assemblies can be craned and set in less than one day! Talk about minimal site disruption…

Post Construction

14 Pass final inspections

15 Obtain certificate of occupancy

16 MOVE IN!!!

17 Stellar Customer Service

ESB has a very good reputation for resolving issues and for our stellar after-sale customer service. We pride ourselves on taking care of any/all concerns in a timely and professional manner. If a disagreement arises, key personnel at ESB, including the project manager and relevant leadership, would meet with your team and any other involved party to resolve the dispute in a fair, ethical and advantageous manner.

See What Our Customers Have To Say!

Stephen A. Raymond, Project Officer, Indian Health Service, DHHS

I wish to commend you and the rest of your staff on the construction of a 15 unit modular building here are the medical center… The fact that this project was delayed three months for site consideration [government in origin] and yet you were able to complete the project ahead of schedule speaks for itself… I am recommending to our Director that your company be considered for future modular building projects scheduled for the campus. I cannot think of anyone else that I personally would like to work with more than you and your staff.

Laurel Krinke, Pima County JTED Culinary, Mountain View High School

Timeline on the construction of this building was unbelievable, especially considering the quality. I would love to own a home built to the high standard of the ESB construction, but they said they don’t build homes. Besides the quality, durability and timeliness of their buildings, ESB personnel have all be a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend ESB Modular Manufacturing to build any school facility. It is the best structure I have ever been allowed to work in!

Dale Cline, Facilities Director/Corporate Officer, Paramount Academy

Not only was [ESB’s] bid on our Peoria Campus aggressive in price, it was the most complete in all manners of detail. Their bid, alone, helped us in our final stages of the project loan appraisal… The quality workmanship both in building design and on site development has contributed to a minimal amount of service repair – resulting in immediate occupancy. It is without regret I recommend ESB as a contractor and producer of quality commercial buildings.