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Glendale Community College

Client: Maricopa County Community College District

Glendale Community College – North Campus

In collaboration with Norquay Construction and Gilleland-Brubaker Architects, ESB built four of the eight buildings that constitute the A Complex, known as “Agua Sal,” of Glendale Community College’s North Campus. ESB’s portion of the project included classrooms A-101–107, faculty offices A-148, A-152, A-159 and A-160, the Copy Center, the Faculty Resource Center and the Public Safety office.

These modular buildings’ structures are built on a strong, perimeter steel frame set on a concrete stem wall with concrete footers. The walls are framed in wood, and it has in insulated wood floor system. These buildings are technically portable. Because ESB’s quality has been long unsurpassed in the Southwest region, these buildings are in great shape and still serving their purpose more that 15 years later.

The complex’s exterior features synthetic stucco, pop-out accent bands with a bottom paint break, and Kal-Wal Clerestory fiberglass-insulated translucent window system situated just above the top accent band. Standing-seam metal awnings face the courtyard, a matching grand entryway with split-face CMU wainscot greets visitors, and eye-catching staggered relief parapets adorn the top of each building. In addition, Gilleland-Brubaker Architects designed the buildings with a “Good Neighbor” policy in mind, creating a neighborhood-friendly exterior appearance while incorporating systems to reduce noise and lighting in the evening hours.

Size: 10,000 SF

Glendale CC
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